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The Bosch DCN multimedia conference system

The DCN multimedia conference system is the latest innovation in conferencing systems from world leading manufacturer Bosch.

DCN multimedia is more than just a brand new conference system. It has been designed from the ground up to inform, impress and inspire the audience, while providing key benefits to other stakeholders such as investors, installers and technicians.

It is ideal for meeting areas such as city councils, regional councils and boardrooms. And like all Bosch products, it is backed by the world-renowned Bosch customer support and service commitment.

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The DCN multimedia system integrates audio, video and meeting content with internet access in one single system. Emphasis has been placed on putting people and their content at the core of the system concept. This increases presentation effectiveness and enhances interaction between people.

Documents can be shared, presentations retrieved and displayed, and the Internet accessed using multimedia conference devices with high-resolution capacitive touch-screens. This makes it easier for people to convey their message, to get their story across, to explain and convince.

Moreover, the possibility to have documents available electronically for all participants can lead to major savings in printing and paper costs.


DCN multimedia is designed to impress both participants and audience, not only with its elegant design, unobtrusive microphone and excellent ergonomics, but also with its extremely high sound quality and its unique IP based system architecture.

Innovative technologies for acoustical excellence

The first IP-based conference system

Open Platform


By making presentations more effective and enhancing interaction between participants, DCN multimedia helps people become inspired by the subject being discussed. It encourages people to get involved, and to contribute more efficiently to the meeting. In the end, this will move people to action.

At the same time the system is inspiring for investors with features that reduce paper consumption and save electricity to contribute towards a better environment. And with possibilities to expand functionality of the multimedia conference devices by simply adding software.

Good for the environment

Future-proof solution

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